The Key to Making Any Space Spectacular

My husband, kids and I went on a weekend getaway to Dripping Springs last weekend, and we stayed at a resort-type of hotel, Camp Lucy, which was… let’s just say: not cheap. “It must be spectacular”, we had said to ourselves.

As soon as we opened the door to our room, we gasped. “Wow! This place IS spectacular!”  The barn doors which separated the bedroom with the bathroom were open, leading our eyes to a $16,000 natural stone tub. (I looked it up.)

What Camp Lucy did incredibly well, was insert one single, expensive, stunning piece into their rooms, making everything else nearly irrelevant, when it came to us deciding whether the resort was luxurious, or not.

Furthermore, their one luxurious item is mobile. Should the hotel need to close, they could move – or sell – the bathtubs. Tile floor isn’t salvageable, window treatment is specific to the window it’s covering, but a free-standing bathtub can be moved and used anywhere.  

I confirmed my theory by taking a close look at all the other pieces that went into the design of the room. The TV stand, the flooring, the table, the sheets, the decorative pillows, the window treatment–were all very nice, but nothing special. The whole room together, though? Spectacular.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invest in one-single luxurious item that is so beautiful, everything else can be average, but looks great by being surrounded by your one gem.
  • Make that one item a mobile. Ensure it can move with you from house to house, space to space.