My Safari Bedroom

I want to go to Africa, and I want to go on a Safari. Really, really bad.

But, you know… it’s far. And expensive. And takes up quite a bit of vacation time.

So, I found another way to live my African Safari dream. In fact, I can visit the Sahara every day, sleep in my private canopy bed surrounded by Safari animals, every night. It takes just a few seconds to get there, and after the initial costs, is pretty much free.

I’m taking about a bedroom. Or, as my family likes to call it, “the Safari room”.

I started with the canopy bed, which I built myself, mostly because I couldn’t find the bed I was envisioning – a grey, platform queen with a canopy. To build this, I used:

Four 4×4’s
24 2×4’s
Lots of  3″ screws
A pocket hole jig with 3″ screws
16 metal corner brackets
4 wood dowels
4 wood socket closet rods
Grey paint and a paint brush

The creation of the bed took about 6 to 8 hours, and I strongly recommend having someone help hold the top 2×4’s as you install them.

I searched all over to find a white dresser that fit my required measurements and sat nicely between the two windows. The dresser originally came with black handles, so I bough my own (and had to drill new holes into the dresser!) to say with the chrome/grey/white look. 

The Two cushioned seats are made from Ikea bookcases, and I also custom-made wood boxes to fit perfectly while fitting the safari theme.