Having originally started with children’s events, our mission is to make children feel as though they have walked into the actual theme of the event. Our goal is to enchant children and parents alike.

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Environmentally Friendly  Themed Decor Sets

We offer ready-to-go, high quality, uniquely designed, elaborate themed sets for children, including Hawaiian, Cars, Trains, Pink Tea Party, Under the Sea, Superhero, Winter Wonderland, Fireman, and Hungry Caterpillar.

All decor is sustainable and environmentally friendly, creating virtually no waste, as each design was built to last. Decor can be rented by individual items or as a set, and clients have the option of self pickup/setup, or a full-service package.

Custom Designs

Custom venue transformation service are one of our favorite, especially when it comes to children’s events.

We’ve worked with many venues and family homes around Austin to create an event that awes, inspires and makes everyone feel special, loved and enchanted.

Some of our past projects include Kids Zone at the ABC Austin Kite Festival, Candyland at Schulz Garten and Underwater Mermaid at the Violet Crown Clubhouse.