Interior Plantscaping & Maintenance

Plant Rental Austin

Our Plantscaping & Maintenance Services

Enchantment offers artistic designs, plant sales, leases, rentals and maintenance services. Locally owned, we pride our selves with years of experience in plantscaping, green walls/vertical gardens, & moss pictures, with a solid understanding of the Austin culture and feel. Our offerings include:

  • Consultation and recommended design of an interior space based,
  • Preparation and installation of agreed-upon plantscape, through sale or long-term lease of plants/pots,
  • Ongoing maintenance and plant guarantee and
  • Plant rentals for events

Productivity & Satisfaction

Plants 1
Plants tended to in an office environment make employees feel cared for and supported, which is proven to increase worker productivity by up to 15%.

Human Health & Happiness

UA Photo Plant
Not only can plants help decrease depression and anxiety levels, they also reduce stress, fatigue, anger and hostility while increasing overall happiness.

Occupancy & Retention

Occupancy and Retention
Maintained plants in alluring displays improve the appearance and perception of a leased space. When experience are positive, lessees are retained.

Air & Environment

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Plants help moderate noise levels, humidity levels, decrease carbon dioxide, airborn dust, and off gassing levels of formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen dioxide.

Design Statements

Austin Plant Rental
Plantscaping designs can create a magnificent focal point, soften less-attractive or harsh features, provide finishing aesthetic touches, or creatively guide pedestrian traffic.

Spending & Revenue

Plants provide an inviting and pleasant client experience. This results in increased revenue - guests are more relaxed while shopping, dining, or enjoying an overnight stay.

Our Plant Design & Setup Process

Step 1:
Schedule a consultation with Enchantments experienced designers
Step 2:
Enchantment designs, delivers & installs your new plants
Step 3:
Enchantment takes care of your plants via our lease or maintenance options
Step 4:
Your plants stay healthy
year-long with our
Plant Maintenance Guarantee

Enchantment is fully insured and ready to provide a COI upon request.