Activations & Corporate Event Decor

Corporate Event Decor in Austin, TX

Enchantment combines creativity, passion and professionalism to transform your corporate event into an unforgettable experience. With a decade of corporate event experience in Austin, we specialize in transforming a space to create an exquisite corporate event, exceeding expectations.

Themed Decor
Whether you are adding a touch of a theme or transforming a space for a conference, grand opening, product launch or corporate celebration, themed transformations are our speciality! With a warehouse full of ready-to-go supplies and raw materials, we work with you to bring your vision to life.



Specializing in SXSW, Enchantment can bring your event to life with branded, custom designed decor to create your desired ambiance. From decor consultations and recommendations based on your venue and brand needs, we offer complete installation and teardown service.

Photo and Video Opportunities

Social media has made photo opportunities a must, and Enchantment is equipped with a slue of photo and interactive video opportunities. From walk-through jungles, to breathtaking arches, we design the deliver fascinating experiences. 

Entry Arches and Entry Decor

There is no better way to get guests ready to go as a welcoming entryway. Whether we begin with a breath taking entry arch or a fancy glass of champagne, let the party begin the moment they step into the space. 

Conference Backgrounds

Highlight the area your guests will be staring at for hours with decor that is perfectly aligned with your event theme. Whether it be a branded backdrop, plants to cover AV systems or a never-before seen display, our team of designer and fabricators has you covered.


Complete your event with centerpieces designed to fit the feel of the event. From succulent garden arrangements to custom designed colorful designs, we ensure no detail is left unfinished.

Installation and Teardown

Fully insured, Enchantment has the expertise to install and event decor big and small. From start to finish, we guarantee to meet your timeline and deliver seamless, flawless event decor.